domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

¡ Feliz Dia del Amor...


Here I come My mind is set, Get ready for love You're my ten second pet, [Verse:]Touch my "gun" But don't pull my "trigger", Let's make history In the elevator Or lock the door, "Shine my pistol" some more, Here "I cum" Just ten seconds more, [Chorus:] Ten seconds to love Ten seconds To love, Pull my "trigger" "My guns" loaded with your love, Ten seconds to love Ten seconds to love, Just wait honey Till I tell the boys about you, Bring a girlfriend Maybe bring two, I got my camera Make a star outta you, Let's inject it Photograph it, Down to the subway Let the boys have it [Chorus:] Talk:Reach "down low" Slide it in real slow, I wanna hear your engine roar Before I'm in the door [Solo:] [Talk:] You feel so good Do you want some more, I got one more "shot" "My guns still warm" [Chorus:] [Talk:] Was it hot for you Did you fire this round, The second I'm through I'll be leaving this town.

...Les Desea Mötley Crüe y La Mano Kornuda!,"ahhhhh el Amor..."

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